Halloween: Pump(kin) up the volume!
Posted on 2016 Nov,02  | By Tarek Chemaly

Halloween is the newest addition to the festivities that engulf Lebanon and which is imported from elsewhere. No matter what, when Lebanese embrace something, they plunge in head first.


Spirit advertising agency caught the Arabo-English by associating Halloween with 'helween' or beautiful. 

Their ideas are 'Halloween' indeed, but were they scary enough for the #villainsontheroof or how Leo Burnett hashtaged their roof party? 

Joe Fish, another advertising agency initiated a Brandamage movement for their clients - or the "psychological disorder of being possessed by brands causing chronic brain damage".

Jeep played it with its iconic front grid, which doubles as logo all carved into a pumpkin naturally. 

Maccaw - the fruit juice brand - changed the orange into... you guessed it! A pumpkin too! 

Beirut Beer had gone playful, doing its own "where is Waldo?" hiding the bottle inside spooky illustrations and asking people to find it and screen shoot it to participate. 

Kirikita went for "let us play it as it ought to be" a good reminder of their slogan "let us play it mix", and the visual was vampire-ish with nuts (almond shaped) protruding from the figure. A good "mix" (no pun) between visual and line - without being too scary for anyone!

Even Persil inserted itself in the event caring for your children's clothes whether they trick or treat. 

If you saw Zaatar W Zeit, then do not say "cheese!" for they played on "Fright and cheese" with their dish screaming back at you. 

As for Ksara wine, "the last drop is the biggest scare you'll ever get"; so you better refill your stock before midnight, because it seems pumpkins will turn into carriages after that!