‘Resistruments’ or when weaponry are repurposed to signal hope - a powerful campaign by ArtHelps and Jung von Matt for Ukraine
Posted on 2023 Dec,15  | By ArabAd's staff

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A new campaign from nonprofit ArtHelps and agency Jung von Matt is sending a powerful message of resilience and hope to Ukraine for 2024, by turning repurposed weaponry into musical instruments. 

The centerpiece of the “Resistruments” campaign is a poignant music video featuring Ukrainian youth playing the instruments crafted from the repurposed weapons, which were created out of war scrap and include a violin made from a missile warhead, a cello crafted from parts of a carrier rocket and a guitar with a body fashioned from a fuel canister used to refuel Russian tanks. 

ArtHelps, which is headquartered in Stuttgart and specializes in art therapy, worked in collaboration with Jung von Matt Neckar on the initiative, which took place at the newly established Creative Hub of ArtHelps in Kyiv.

Spanning over 1200 square meters, this hub, established in partnership with the Saving an Angel Foundation and the Save Ukraine organization, serves as a workshop space and art therapy training center. ArtHelps has developed a unique training program to assist traumatized children and adolescents through creative workshops and art therapy. 

The musical instruments were built during this program with Ukrainian children and teenagers in September of this year. The highlight of the workshop was the filming of the music video, and professionally staged with the young participants. 

"The reactions to this campaign vividly demonstrate the strength of creativity,” said Andreas Brunsch, Managing Creative Director at Jung von Matt. “Considering that these instruments seen here were previously fired by the Russian army onto the homes and cities of these young people, one can only have respect and hope that the initiative helps inform and inspire."

The video showcases an exclusive and moving composition by Yury Revich, an internationally acclaimed Austrian-Russian soloist who has played with renowned orchestras worldwide. Since initial teaser videos were released in November, the project has been captivating hearts on Instagram and TikTok. With over 300,000 views in the first days, the clips generated eager anticipation for the premiere of the complete music video on Dec. 13

Tom Lupo, the founder of ArtHelps, said: "We believe that creativity is vital for finding solutions in challenging lives. We support the reconstruction in Ukraine—not only in terms of buildings but, most importantly, in the people learning to reshape their lives with us."

The project receives prominent support from Rae Garvey, an ambassador for ArtHelps and part of the Saving an Angel Foundation, who added: "We must not lose an entire generation of creatives to this war.”





Agency: Jung von Matt

Matthias Hess (Creative Principal)

Sven Kratzsch (Creative Director MoB)

Boris Noll (Head of Research & Development)

Gerd Seemüller (Senior Copywriter)

Andreas Steybe (Senior Art Director)

Dominik Schmutzer (Senior Digital Artist)

Henri von-der-Heiden  (Social Media Strategy)

Julia Eisenmann (Executive Assistant)



Tom Lupo (Founder & Creative Director), Christian Heidenbauer (Support Music & Production, Christof Unterberger (Support Cello & Composer), Lisa Hellmich (Violin maker), Samuel Ramm (Director & Cinematographer), Martin Krieger (Technical Manager), Josua Graf (Video Editing), Josua Graf (Music Video Editing), Jan Roth (Sound Design), Vivian Strittmatter (Video Editing Documentation), Lilli Fritz (Project Management), Johanna Schmid (Social Media), Christian Scharfschwerdt (Social Media).

Yuri Revich (Composer), Valeriia Yehorova/ Валерія Єгорова (Guitarist), Vadym Korostil / Вадим Коростіль (Cellist), Illia Borodinov/ Ілля Бородінов (Guitarist), Artem Burbyha/ Артем Бурбига (Violinist),  Charly Beat(Central Arts / Support Music, Drums & Production), Tobias Van (POP ACADEMY / Mixer & Producer), Derek von Krogh (POP ACADEMY / Music Producer), Michael Herberger (POP ACADEMY / Producer & Composer).