Renault Quietly Reveals New Logo
Posted on 2021 Mar,05

Renault has just unveiled its new logo at the end of an advertising spot for the popular Renault Zoe fully electric hatchback broadcast on television but without really making any particular announcement on the subject.

You may have already seen this logo on the R5 concept unveiled during the presentation of the "Renaulution" strategic plan on January 14th.
The new logo would thus make its grand premiere on the next 100% electric Mégane, which must be unveiled before the end of the year for a commercial launch in 2022.

Despite this discreet launch, this new logo marks an important change for Renault and the end of the slightly rounded rhombus launched in 2015. This modern reinterpretation of the Vasarely logo would be the 13th in the history of the brand started in 1898, with its first "logotype "appeared two years later.

Since 2015, Renault advertising spots have ended with the logo pivoting on itself, before settling, accompanied by a brief sung melody, and well into people's minds.

The new logo would also mark the end of this sound signature. And the return of a well-known song that marked the period of "cars to live" ("voitures à vivre") from 1985 until the year 2000: 'Johnny and Mary' by British singer Robert Palmer.

During the second confinement, in a sport intended to remind that Renault was "always there for you", the French manufacturer had reintroduced this song, whistled by the mechanic.

In December, Renault went a little further by offering a cover of the famous song Johnny and Mary in a clip dedicated to its E-Tech range, its new hybrid signature. An initiative obviously appreciated if we look at the comments below the video, welcoming the presence of Fernando Alonso, legendary Renault F1 driver (renamed Alpine for next season) and this musical wink. The cult song should therefore once again become a strong symbol of Renault's next spots, especially since the brand intends to bet on this nostalgic fiber.

At the end of the Zoe spot, which introduces the new logo, we thus see a single different car in a city filled with the European star of electric cars ... a pretty yellow 4L.