10 Lebanese-Born Agencies to Follow on Instagram
Posted on 2019 Nov,07  | By Christina Fakhry

Just like their in-house talents, creative agencies in Lebanon often find themselves too overwhelmed with their workload to be able to focus on themselves, which reflects poorly upon their online presence. But in the wake of rising competition in an overcrowded market, many agencies today are stepping up their game on Instagram by publishing snippets of their noteworthy projects and expressing their identity through interesting feeds. Today, we look at 10 examples of local agencies that are making an effort to stand out.

Brandmint [@brandmint]

With a commendable posting frequency and a simple yet versatile feed, Brandmint earns a well-deserved spot on the list. With an emphasis on lifestyle photography as opposed to overtly corporate mockups, the account gives a clear idea about the agency’s range of services.


Bobolink Agency [@bobolinkcreativeagency]

Being one of the first Lebanese-born agencies to take command of the Instagram game, Bobolink continues to deliver compelling content on the platform through catalyzing creative collaborations with a clean aesthetic that is reflective of the company’s core identity.


Lorem Ipsum [@lorem_ipsum_beirut]

The agency may have only launched its Instagram activity this summer, but it already established a promising direction that combines inspiration and intellect all while being rooted in the company’s creative identity. We’re keeping an eye out for more.


Studio Safar [@studiosafar]

Beirut-based design and art direction agency Studio Safar knows how to turn its visually compelling portfolio of projects into Instagram-worthy content through a neatly organized approach that sensibly reflects the studio’s signature style and artistic and/influences.


SURFFACE [@surfface]

SURFFACE’s Instagram feed is one of the most organized of the bunch, with clearly divided rows showcasing a different design project each. Its platform-specific rationale indicates taste, consistency and determination all while still serving its commercial purpose.


NOBRAND [@nobrandagency]

Known for its work for Elie Saab, NOBRAND’s Instagram presence is chic, sleek and versatile. Far from being boxed into a single aesthetic, the account unfolds as a tasteful recollection of the agency’s work for various brands. Posting frequency, on the other hand, remains quite low compared to the rest of the list.


Thecreative9 [@thecreative9]

With its commendable work for Beirut Design Week 2019 and generally pleasant feed, the boutique agency was able to elevate its Instagram presence this year with an account that transcends the standard portfolio dimension to evoke an element of feeling.


Mink [@mink.agency]

What is nice about the agency’s Instagram presence is that it always finds a creative way to incorporate both its branding and people into its highlighted projects and greetings on the platform. This being said, it would definitely be nice to see more in terms of posting frequency.


The Wonderful Bureau [@thewonderfulbureau]

While the account’s general premise is purely commercial in nature with a feed made entirely of designed portfolio posts, its good posting frequency, nicely segmented highlights and neat dedication to showcasing creative projects intertwine to earn it a spot on the list.


FEER McQUEEN [@feer.mcqueen]

The agency’s 2019 Instagram content may not rival the intensity of its end-of-year ‘Have You Seen The Queens’ campaign, but it does remain one of the best in the game on the platform, powered by a frequently updated diverse feed that secures its spot on the list!