MENA lands seven shortlist entries for ADC 102nd Annual Awards
Posted on 2023 Apr,06  | By ArabAd's staff

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Agencies, studios and brands in Egypt, Qatar and UAE among the shortlist entries for the global ADC 102nd Annual Awards, as announced by The One Club for Creativity

Agencies, studios and brands in MENA scored seven shortlist entries for the global ADC 102nd Annual Awards, as announced by The One Club for Creativity.

Shortlisted entries were selected by this year’s esteemed jury to move into the second round of judging, which is taking place now.  This year’s finalists — entries which will win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Cube or Merit — will be announced later this month. 

Shortlisted entries from MENA are as follows:


  • Ntsal Cairo with Boharat "CIB Custom Typeface” for Commercial International Bank in Typography, Typeface


  • Qatar Museums Doha with Qatar Museums Publications Doha and Taysir Batniji "Untitled (Portraits of Martyrs) Artist Book” for Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Publication Design, Books - Limited Edition/Private Press/Special Format 

United Arab Emirates 

  • Diego Rodriguez Wikander Dubai “Basketball Court Mural” for Puma Hoops x Dubai Public Parks in Illustration, Mural/Graffiti/Street Art - Single 
  • Khosouf Studio Middle East FZ LLC Abu Dhabi for its own “Box To The Beat VR” in Gaming, Innovation 
  • Wired Middle East Dubai for its own “I Build Dead People” in Publication Design, Magazines - Story/Spread


  • Michal Sahar with Ayal Zakin and Tal Mokady, all in Tel Aviv, “Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s Ninetieth Anniversary” for Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Typography, Brand/Communication Design

Globally, Rethink in Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver leads the way with 35 shortlisted entries, including six for IKEA “The Troll”, and five each for Kraft Heinz “AI Ketchup”, and Penguin Random House “The Unburnable Book”.  Squarespace New York has 32 entries on the shortlist, including 11 each for “The Singularity” and “The Singularity BTS”.  

A total of 2,216 entries from 52 counties and regions are shortlisted this year. The top five countries for shortlisted entries are the US with 977, Canada with 242, Germany with 210, mainland China with 180, and Japan with 116.