Farid Chehab shares invaluable outlook on Intelligence
Posted on 2023 Oct,29

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On the occasion of the publication of his new book “De l’Intelligence”, Farid Chehab, the renowned Lebanese advertising veteran and honorary chairman and advisor to the board of Leo Burnett Beirut, discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our lives at a roundtable, recently organized at Charles Corm Foundation. Chehab was joined by Orson Baz, Chawké Azouri, Wadad Wazen and Michel Zoghzoghi to talk about the disruptive innovations and the future.

During the event, the author also signed the original French version of his book published by “Les Editions de la Revue Phenicienne.”  The English version “Of Intelligence”, which has already received an excellent pre-review from The New York Times, will soon be published by UK Austin Macauley in November 2023.

“Of Intelligence” is the fourth product of Farid Chehab’s innovative and inquisitive mind. During the discussion, Chehab shared his views with the participants and the attending public about living through the digital revolution, which represents a turning point in the history of humanity, and how it is changing the rules of evolution. He also creatively expressed his awe at the speed of technological change by giving in his newest work a personality and a voice to “Intelligence”.

The embodied Intelligence is the book Hero, the clever independent space wanderer that reflects her curiosity by questioning her fate, and future destiny. Her travel takes us to the fascinating world of quantum physics and brings us a novel and totally innovative perspective of her relation with AI and human destiny itself.

As the digital revolution is transforming our environment, way of thinking and interactions, the book sheds light on the coming relation of Intelligence with AI and with human conscience, science, values, education, religion, love, art and culture. It also opens a window on the future of Homo Sapiens and announces the coming "civilisation", the kind of Homo Numericus we could become - the new super-intelligent humanoid species.

The book offers a very pleasant reading and guides our intelligent thinking through new paths of discovery and delight.



“Of Intelligence” by Farid Chehab; Published by Austin Macauley UK - November 2023.