Adpro Communications Tackles Gun Violence Problem with Powerful Posters
Posted on  | By ArabAd staff

Established in 1991 in Jordan, Adpro Communications has built a solid reputation for itself over the years as a leading market player in the Kingdom. This restless team has been focused on work that delivers the difference; and recently, its participation in the Ad Age creative challenge is a sound proof of that.

Responding to 'The Gun Violence Brief' that the publication has initiated to involve the advertising and creative community the world over, Adpro submitted their own ideas tackling the continuing gun violence critical issue in the United States and standing in solidarity with all who demand to see a more peaceful and sane America.

The posters are designed to help amplify the 'March for Our Lives' protest and help the marchers stand out on the streets and in the media.

Applying their ingenuity, Adpro Communications' creative team created a series of bold and impactful posters, carrying powerful and inspiring messages. 

ArabAd thought it was worth highlighting this creative contribution coming out of the Middle East, but also a contribution that managed to stand out among the 100+ submissions.


Agency: Adpro Communications, Jordan

Client Servicing and Business Development Executive: Rizek Jildeh

Senior Art Director: Tareq Khoury 

Art Directors: Ammar Al-Omari, Mohammed Raquban

Account Planning and Brand Activation Executive: Rand Masa’deh