Unilever’s Closeup Selects J. Walter Thompson as Agency of Record
Posted on May 21, 2018

J. Walter Thompson Dubai has been selected by Closeup, the Unilever oral care brand, as its Agency of Record and communications partner in the Gulf region.

Commenting on behalf of Closeup, Unilever, Abhiroop Chuckarbutty, Personal Care Director Gulf said, “We are excited to partner with a prominent regional agency such as JWT. The Unilever-JWT collaboration will look to enhance what we communicate and how we communicate with our consumers. Closeup is a youth brand, and it understands that the times we live in are both exciting and at the same time challenging for young people. The youth are faced with greater opportunities but also unique problems. The future is promising and yet it is different from anything we have experienced. This is a journey that we intend to traverse with JWT as our partner on this iconic and yet evolving brand.”

Closeup is one of the first oral care brands targeting youth in the oral care market around the world, with an edgy and youthful image that stays continually relevant.

Sasan Saeidi, Regional CEO of J. Walter Thompson Gulf, added: “The Closeup proposition and how it intends to capture the attention of the youth, makes it one of the best brands and briefs you could ever work on. A great client, a phenomenal brand, we are excited about the work we will be doing together, which will be courageous, breakthrough and conversation provoking.”

J. Walter Thompson’s historic relationship with Unilever dates back to 1902 when a press ad in a US title marked the beginning of the longest ever working relationship between an agency and a multinational client. The history of the industry’s marketing communications sector is often viewed as a reflection of the brand building heritage this strategic partnership brought about.