IAA Lebanon relaunches International Advertising Association Young Professionals Chapter
Posted on 2024 Apr,30

The International Advertising Association (IAA) Lebanon is not taking any rest since the election of its new presdent less than a year ago. After the inaugural IAA Hall of Fame, this prestigious event honoring legendary Lebanese admen, the Association has set its goal towards reviving  the younger sister association, the IAA Young Professionals (YP) chapter, dedicated to nurturing and empowering talents aged below 35 within the advertising industry. And so it did!

The IAA YP chapter aims to provide young professionals with unparalleled opportunities for growth, networking, and professional development.

To inaugurate the relaunch, the IAA hosted a highly successful gathering where attendees had the privilege to learn more about the IAA YP and engage in a captivating Creative Masterclass titled "The 5 C's of Creativity" presented by Naji Boulos, President of the IAA Lebanon.

Membership for the IAA YP is now available for a nominal fee of only $30, granting access to a plethora of benefits, including exclusive events, workshops, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities within both the local and global advertising community.

Boulos, expressed his enthusiasm for the relaunch, stating, "The high attendance of young professionals at our event demonstrates their eagerness to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of advertising in Lebanon. Our mission is to provide them with the tools, motivation, and support they need to excel and become exemplary professionals."

The success of the IAA YP chapter hinges on the active involvement of industry professionals in encouraging young talents to embark on this exciting journey of growth and development.