DHL unveils its unexpected fleet of delivery methods in captivating new campaign by Horizon FCB Dubai
Posted on 2024 Apr,22  | By ArabAd's staff

A mountain bike, a tricycle, a boat, a camel, a canoe, or even a runner... these are all actual DHL delivery methods, and you probably never heard about it.

In an industry dominated by the pursuit of faster, better, and first, DHL puts a spotlight on the extraordinary lengths it goes to deliver, no matter where they are.

Recognizing that nearly half of the global population resides in remote areas, DHL unveils its diverse and unexpected fleet of delivery methods through a captivating campaign.

From the deserts navigated by camels to the dense forests crossed by hikers, DHL's latest campaign, developed by the team at Horizon FCB Dubai, showcases real ID trackers of actual deliveries reaching the world's most secluded spots.

It’s in these journeys, often starting from a transportation hub and culminating at the doorstep of a customer’s home or business, that the term 'last mile delivery' truly comes to life.

This print campaign gives this final, crucial leg of delivery the attention it deserves, highlighting the innovative and sometimes unconventional methods DHL employs to ensure every parcel reaches its destination.

"This campaign is a departure from the conventional focus on speed. Discovering these unconventional delivery methods, we knew we stumbled upon a fresh, uncharted territory in our communication strategy," remarks Mohamed Bareche, Horizon FCB's Executive Creative Director.

Thomas Nicolae, the Associate Creative Director, reflects on the essence of DHL's efforts: "All these endeavors to ensure we can deliver anywhere, by any means, are so noble that we felt compelled to share this story with the world."

Reham Mufleh, Managing Director at Horizon FCB put it simply, 'We’re always pushing forward, never settling. We love ideas that make a real difference and that are ‘Never Finished’. This campaign shows exactly that—our drive to keep innovating and reaching out in new ways nobody even thought of before."

The campaign's beauty lies in its simplicity and authenticity – utilizing actual tracking IDs as headlines to narrate the journey of three real remote deliveries, a testament to DHL's commitment that, no matter the obstacles, they deliver, with no exceptions.




Credits :

Client : DHL Express MENA

Marketing Director : Najwa Raslan


Agency : Horizon FCB Dubai

Global CCO : Danilo Boer

Global CCO : Andrés Ordóñez

CEO : Mazen Jawad

Managing Director : Reham Mufleh

Executive Creative Director : Mohamed Bareche

Account Director : Farouk Haber

Creative Director : Colin Smith

Associate Creative Director : Thomas Nicolae

Associate Creative Director : Antonio Cué

Motion Designer : Mohamed Ibrahim


Production : NOROC Studio

Visual Artist : Rodolphe Février