New action-packed campaign by DDB Paris for TAG Heuer Carrera's 60th anniversary featuring Hollywood star Ryan Gosling
Posted on 2023 Apr,26  | By ArabAd's staff

In 2023 the most iconic racing chronograph ever celebrates its 60th birthday. This is the TAG Heuer Carrera, the original racing chronograph, born in 1963, a watch with so much history it would have been easy to cling to the past. Instead, the brand wanted to break new ground and push the limits; therefore it decided in collaboration with DDB Paris to create a campaign that celebrates the Carrera by breaking all the rules of the category and focus on the future rather than the past. And so it did.

Produced by David Leitch’s 87 North, the film goes far beyond advertising. It’s an action-packed piece of entertainment that lives up to Hollywood standards, filled with crazy stunts, racing cars, adrenaline, and humor. You wouldn’t expect less from a collaboration with David Leitch — responsible for some of the most iconic action films of the last decade, from John Wick to Deadpool 2 to last year’s Bullet Train — Nash Edgerton, and of course, starring world famous actor Ryan Gosling.

“We decided to choose a very different tone of voice for this commercial because TAG Heuer has always been a ground-breaking brand, one that dares to do things differently. We wanted to pay homage to this spirit by creating communication that is as bold as the Carrera and goes beyond advertising and beyond traditional watchmaking tropes,” said Alexander Kalchev, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Paris.

More than just a brand ambassador, Ryan Gosling has been chosen for being the perfect incarnation of the Carrera mindset. His natural wit and elegance match with a watch born in racing but also designed for everyday life. In the film, Ryan Gosling plays a character who never gives up, embodying the spirit of endurance summed up by the campaign baseline: "The race never stops." 

“Ryan brought tons of energy and humor to the film. I had so much fun shooting his scenes with David and Vanessa, seeing them improvise hilarious dialogues. Making something like this for a high-end brand is really special,” noted Director Nash Edgerton.

Beyond its attitude and prestigious cast, the film connects to the brand’s DNA and heritage in its own way. The Carrera is what triggers the whole story and at the center of it. And the only way for Ryan to keep the precious watch is what inspired it in the first place: racing. 

The TAG Heuer Carrera was designed by Jack Heuer himself in 1963 and inspired by the Carrera Panamericana, a very dangerous road race in Mexico. Some of the greatest drivers in history have worn it. From the Porsche Carrera driven by Ryan Gosling to cameos of a young Jack Heuer and famous driver Jacqueline Evans De Lopez, from dates hidden in the set to old Panamericana posters, the Carrera’s history blend seamlessly into the story.

While pushing the boundaries of the watchmaking market, TAG Heuer reconnects with its own tradition of innovative and witty advertising, relying on Ryan Gosling’s taste for self-irony and David Leitch’s talent for mixing action with humor.  

Like any other Hollywood blockbuster, the campaign launched with cinematic teasers, trailers and posters, also by DDB Paris, were released on April 10, with the film launching in cinemas April 20.

The campaign will live on throughout the year across OOH, print, and with exclusive content across social media platforms, including behind-the-scenes videos, bloopers and memes.




TAG Heuer

Chief Marketing Officer: George CIZ
Creative Communication Director: Pascal TEA Creative Content Manager: Jonathan BIANCARELLI Global Social Media Manager: Camilla BARBEZAT Senior Brand Manager: Samuel ADAMS
Global Ambassadors Director: Mickael BEREND

DDB Paris

Chief Creative Officer: Alexander KALCHEV
Art Directors: Yassine OUADAH TSABET, Nicolas DENIS Copywriter: Benoît OULHEN
Print Graphic Designer: Pierre JUNGERS
Production director: Fabien DONNAY
TV Post producer: Jérôme DEPLATIERE
Print post producer: Christine RETAUX
Manufacturing manager: Laurent DANIEL
Business lead: Soraya COTTIN
Business director: Marie-Géraldine PRODHOMME Account executive: Agnès WONG-CHUNG
Account executive assistant: Martin DELAINE Strategic planning: Sébastien GENTY,


Director: Nash EDGERTON Photographer: Mark ROGERS Production Company: Collider
Producer: David LEITCH
Sound studio: Studio 5
Post-production video: The Mill
Editor: Yves BELONIAK
Post-production print: INSIDE Gutenberg