Symbology at its best – Almaza Bay launches in Batroun with a brand identity you just can’t ignore
Posted on 2022 Dec,19  | By ArabAd's staff

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With so many services on offer and various collaborating entities, creating a brand identity for Almaza Bay, a new experience on the Lebanese Batroun shore, was definitely challenging. Beirut-based Stro’berry Advertising took on the challenge early on this summer and developed a visual identity with a distinctively fresh perspective. 

At first glance, the soft lines of the illustration contrast with the bold font of the name, while the toned down taupe of the background allows the images to do the talking. The minuscule letters give off a friendly, casual and more approachable feel.

Created specifically to take you on a journey of the emotions you will experience in this setting, the tagline employs a chill yet sophisticated tone of voice. First you see nature’s breathtaking creations, then you feel the breeze of the ocean, the rhythm of the music, the sensations great food can awaken in you, and then, you love.

The two converging circles represent the Vesica Pisces, the sacred geometric design of creation. Among other representations, it denotes the idea of two wholes coming together to create and birth a new life. Similarly, more than one entity came together in order for almaza bay to see the light.

In the image as a whole, the theme of paradise is prevalent; the representation of ‘the stairs to heaven’ was central to the concept, describing a journey towards our understanding of heaven. The specific elements symbolize the different facets of almaza bay including nightlife, beach, cabanas, dining, and music. Converging with the sun, the sea and the moon, every symbol borrows from the location itself and carries relevant meaning with an otherworldly dimension. Together, they are a perfect representation of the spirit with which almaza bay was created and the services it provides.

With such branding, we are reminded that visual design is as artistic as it is technical and that it is still visually striking when the design looks meaningful. almaza bay is sure to make an impression, even before opening its doors to visitors.