How Saudi is Investing in Branding and Creative Communication Now More Than Ever
Posted on 2023 Dec,14  | By Ryouf Alrumaih, Nithar

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In the dynamic landscape of Saudi Arabia, where innovation and progress are at the forefront, the significance of branding, marketing, and creative communication has reached unprecedented heights.

As a reputable and experienced creative agency based in Saudi Arabia with over 12 years of industry presence, Nithar has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of effective branding and creative communication.

Ryouf Alrumaih, CEO and Owner of Nithar, explores the pivotal role played by branding and creative advertising in Saudi Arabia, sharing success stories and highlighting the country's commitment to establishing itself as a global pioneer in creativity.



1. The Significance of Branding, Marketing, and Creative Advertising in Saudi

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unparalleled challenges worldwide, and Saudi Arabia was not exempt. However, the Saudi government proactively responded by leveraging creative content to raise awareness about pandemic precautions and education. A remarkable success story emerged as the Ministry of Health effectively communicated vital information through creative communication channels. This strategic utilization of branding and creative communication emphasized the ministry's position as a reliable and trusted authority, enabling effective engagement with the public and instilling a sense of responsibility and safety.


2. Empowering the Multinational F&B Sector Through Creative Communication

The multinational F&B sector in Saudi Arabia encountered challenges and unsatisfactory sales levels due to the emerging Saudi F&B brands overtaking the market, thus prompting the need for innovative solutions. Through the strategic implementation of creative advertising and effective media planning, significant improvements were witnessed in market share and sales. By creating compelling local content and utilizing various media channels, these companies succeeded in capturing the attention of their target audience and generating increased consumer interest. This success story serves as a testament to the potency of local creative communication in transforming business outcomes.


3. Brand Strategy, Creativity, and Identity in the Booming AI Sector

As one of the fastest-growing sectors, Artificial Intelligence (AI) heavily relies on brand strategy development, creativity, and identity. The launch of a captivating campaign aligned with the brand's strategic objectives has proven instrumental in establishing market presence for the largest AI company in Saudi Arabia under the Public Investment Fund (PIF). This trend extends beyond AI and encompasses a diverse range of industries in the kingdom, such as investment, aviation, FMCG, real estate, education and innovation, smart cities, tourism and entertainment, telecom, and fintech. In each domain, brand strategy and creative advertising play a pivotal role in differentiation and success.


Additional Insights:

A. The Rise in Branding and Strategic Communication Efforts in the Governmental Sector:

The governmental sectors in Saudi Arabia have recognized the significance of branding and strategic communication. They have increasingly invested in creating strong brand identities and implementing effective strategies, enabling them to engage effectively with citizens and stakeholders and stand out on a global landscape.


B. Raising Awareness in The Trending Sectors:

Sectors such as real estate, tourism, entertainment, and FinTech have placed a strong emphasis on raising awareness through creative advertising. By effectively communicating their unique value propositions and engaging with their target audiences, these sectors have experienced notable growth and success within the Kingdom.


C. Competition and Raising the Creative Bar:

The competitive landscape in Saudi Arabia has spurred a race for creativity, particularly during events like the Saudi National Day, generating a sense of anticipation among all Saudis every year. Both public and private sector have engaged in producing captivating video campaigns and outdoor advertisements, raising the creative bar and pushing boundaries in the industry.


D. Embracing Saudi Culture and Setting Standards in the Creative Sector:

Saudi Arabia recognizes the richness of its cultural heritage and has witnessed a shift towards utilizing local content and visuals in creative communication. It places significant importance on incorporating elements of Saudi culture into creative communication, setting a standard for how the Saudi culture should be properly represented in even the smallest details, from content to models and correct traditional clothes. There is a growing focus and a new standard on creating content that aligns with the criteria of Saudi culture, celebrating the nation's values and aspirations, resonating more deeply with local audiences.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia is now investing more than ever in branding and creative communication to establish a strong position as a global leader in the creative industry. This commitment aligns with the ambitious goals set forth in the Saudi Vision 2030, while also celebrating the country's deep-rooted cultural identity. As a renowned and experienced Saudi creative agency, we take pride in endorsing this journey by providing high-level technical expertise and locally- driven content development. Through the power of branding and creative communication, Saudi Arabia is paving the way for a future where innovation and creativity thrive, leaving an everlasting mark on the global stage.