Biscotto spreads spread kindness and flavor in new OOH campaign
Posted on 2024 May,16  | By ArabAd's staff




Genuine kindness is at the core of Lebanese culture, embodying the essence of hospitality. It is under this principle that Lebanese brand Biscotto, which cherishes generosity, simple acts of humanity, and sharing, rolled out its new OOH campaign.

Interestingly, in Lebanese culture, the word 'tibeh' not only denotes kindness but also refers to tastiness or sweetness. Elegance Biscotto, composed of chocolate-filled biscuits, illustrates in its recent campaign this dual meaning, giving rise to the slogan 'el tibeh menna w fina’.

Natalie Maljian Salame, the Media and Digital consultant, meticulously crafted a strategic outdoor media campaign that ensures the message of Biscotto reaches every corner of the Lebanese market.

With expertly chosen placements and neat executions on unipoles, she created a buzz that's impossible to ignore. But it's not just about advertising; it's about supporting local brands that symbolizes quality and affordability. As Natalie puts it, "We are proud to represent a brand manufactured in Lebanon,"highlighting the importance of championing homegrown products in today's competitive landscape."

Behind the scenes, creative minds Caline El Hayek of creative agency Illogique and Rosaline Kozobiokian, alongside clients Elegance Foods team, have collaborated seamlessly to bring the Biscotto concept to life.

As a sister brand to the already beloved Sandwich and Stars, Biscotto is poised to carve its own niche in the market, offering consumers a taste of Lebanese warmth and hospitality in every indulgent bite.