Carolina Herrera aces its fragrance launch in the GCC through a strategic partnership with MMS
Posted on 2024 Feb,12

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In an exciting new partnership, MBC Media Solutions (MMS), the commercial arm of MBC Group, Starcom Middle East and Carolina Herrera came together to launch the new feminine fragrance “Good Girl Blush” on Shahid’s top preforming Turkish adaptation ‘Crystal’.

A multi-format connected TV strategy on the Arabic streaming platform Shahid that incorporated digital post-production integrations was employed to launch the fragrance, reaching one million unique users in the GCC.

As a result, Carolina Herrera became the first luxury brand to pioneer the digital post-production integration—digitally integrating ‘Good Girl Blush’ in product placement and outdoor visuals throughout the show.

Crystal is MBC Group’s top performing Turkish adaptations to date, receiving an average 15% TV rating, more than 230 million plays on Shahid and around one billion views across MBC Group social media.

The marketing campaign concluded with great results recording a remarkable increase in awareness across the GCC by 52%, favorability by 25% & perception by 33%.

This uplift in brand awareness, favorability and perception was also reflected in the sales of ‘Good Girl Blush’, which increased by an exponential 39%, elevating the rank of the fragrance to become the #1 SKU for Carolina Herrera for 2023 and top #5 SKU in the region within the top 100 feminine fragrances.

Commenting on the strategic partnership, Amir Salaheldin, Digital & Media Manager at Puig Middle East, adds: “This collaboration with MMS and Starcom has not only elevated our brand visibility but has also set a new standard for impactful brand communication and business growth in the GCC region. As we celebrate this achievement, I want to express our deep appreciation for the passion, dedication, and innovative thinking that fuelled this ground-breaking campaign. Puig remains at the forefront of luxury, and together, we have created something truly exceptional."

While Romy AlAlam, Senior Media Manager at Starcom ME, shared “With Shahid releasing more premium content on its platform, and with the growth of CTV in KSA and UAE, Carolina Herrera wanted to leverage their innovation for their Good Girl Blush launch. We trailed the new digital approach on Shahid along with the 3D and OOH product placement by applying a multi format approach on Shahid along with opting for a digital post-production integration. The latter was done as an ever-green product application, which was measured through a BLS to verify its value and impact. The results showed a Brand Lift of 52% in Brand Awareness and 50% in Recent Usage. This made us the first luxury brand to pioneer the digital postproduction integration with Shahid - a fact we take great pride in.”

Sarah Nammour, Client Growth Manager at MMS, said: "We are thrilled with the outcomes of this partnership. Our premium content played a pivotal role in providing a platform for brands to build meaningful connections that ultimately drive business. We will continue fostering innovative solutions that empower clients in achieving their commercial and marketing goals.”