Cresta Awards extends Super Early Bird entry deadline due to high demand
Posted on 2021 Apr,01

Due to high demand, The Cresta Awards 2021 has extended its Super Early Bird entry deadline to 14 April.

The special offer provides a 60 per cent reduction on the standard fees if submissions are made by that date.

Uniquely, Cresta Awards online entry system permits entrants to make a ‘Pre-Order’ booking to take up the reduced offer without final commitment to all details on their submission.

“We know that sometimes the presentation material, the full credit info, or even the precise choice of entry, is not all confirmed at the time of the first deadline,” says CEO Lewis Blackwell. “As a result, we developed the system this year so that our Pre-Order option allows you to book entries now at a terrific price and then complete later if you need to.”

Should anybody require an extension further to even to that date, they are invited to contact the organisers.  “We know some companies have their schedules running a bit late, budgets are not necessarily all tied up,”  Blackwell added. “It’s been a very challenging period in all countries, and some are at different stages of getting through the crisis. We have had a lot of conversations this year where it is clear flexibility is required all round to get budgets in place, not to mention the entries carefully selected. We will try to work with everybody to ensure entrants can compete at their best. That’s why we brought in this incredible flexibility for entrants to continue building their entry right through to near judging time. It’s all about enabling the best possible competition,” he added.

Cresta is keen to see strong entries across its global reach as it looks to build on its much-publicised new Top 50. In the next edition it plans to represent and promote regional and country-specific creative leaders.

The globally-recgnised Cresta Awards are one of the key competitions that count towards points in the World Creative Ranking, published earlier this week.

Among new categories within Cresta this year are Brand Transformation, Creative Effectiveness, and the intriguingly titled #OMG Award. The full list of all categories includes “numerous refinements to really tune into the new directions and areas of achievement in our industry,” commented Alan Page, the President of Cresta.