Posted on 2023 May,15

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MBC GROUP, the renowned media company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has launched MBC LOUD FM, a brand-new radio station offering a new experience for listeners of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Designed for English-speaking and international music fans, MBC LOUD FM is a Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) format that has never been launched before in the country, set to bring new energy, new voices, and a completely fresh new momentum to what radio means in the KSA and beyond. The CHR format focuses on playing current and recurrent popular music as determined by the Top 40 global music charts and over the past five years at a max.

What’s more is that MBC LOUD FM is including fresh new radio jockey [RJ] talent from Saudi Arabia in its line-up, including on the flagship morning show, “The Daily Wake Up”. So, be sure to tune in and turn it up!

Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, Chairman of MBC GROUP, commented: “MBC LOUD FM represents a distinctive radio brand; one that forms part of our commitment towards the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 in the field of entertainment and broadcast. This brand-new and cutting-edge radio offering goes beyond entertainment, for it is also set to bring valuable and inspiring content to listeners in the Kingdom – whether citizens or residents, and regardless of their native language.”

Al Ibrahim continued: “English, being the universal language of communication, plays a unifying role in bringing cultures from around the world together. With MBC LOUD FM, our goal is to reach a diverse audience throughout the country. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the Kingdom’s objectives in the upcoming phase, contributing to the nation’s ambitions in developments and growth in the entertainment and media industry.”

Ziad Hamza, Group Director of Audio, Radio & Music at MBC GROUP stated: “This new audio experience aims to completely change the way listeners experience FM radio. MBC LOUD FM aims to enrich audiences’ listening experiences and elevate their enjoyment of radio and music content. Our mission is to connect listeners with their counterparts worldwide by offering distinctive radio content that embodies an exceptional global template in both form and substance.”

Featuring fresh on-air talent from the Kingdom, MBC LOUD FM will be anchored by a fun breakfast team known for their friendly and engaging approach. The team was chosen based on their talent and exceptional English-language skills in order to be able to connect with the broader audience of the Kingdom, particularly young listeners.

Local shows will be supplemented with world syndicated programming, including “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, as well as uninterrupted music sets from some of the globe’s best-known DJs.

Executing the brand strategy is Tarek Majdalani, who joins MBC LOUD FM as Station Manager. Here, he will also lead in developing MBC LOUD FM’s brand strategy, profiling, and positioning, ensuring that the station provides its audience with a unique and exceptional listening experience.

MBC LOUD FM is brought by MBC GROUP’s Audio & Music Department, the same entity that also runs MBC FM and PANORAMA FM.

At the time of its launch, MBC FM was revolutionary in the nation due to debuting as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s very first and only radio station. This was followed by the launch of PANORAMA FM.