MBC GROUP to launch and operate a brand-new TV channel dedicated to Saudi culture
Posted on 2023 Aug,20

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Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, Minister of Culture for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signed an agreement with Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, the Chairman of MBC GROUP, to launch and operate a brand-new satellite television channel dedicated to celebrating the richness of Saudi culture. 

The establishment of the new channel – which is set to broadcast a diverse range of programming focused on the Kingdom’s rich history, in addition to current events and offerings – is said to be in line with the cultural objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, cementing the Kingdom’s position as a regional hub for culture. 

Airing on MBC GROUP’s TV satellite network, as well as its streaming platform, Shahid, the channel – whose name will be unveiled in the coming period – aims to appeal to a wide-ranging audience including those who enjoy compelling storytelling such as documentaries, as well as more general entertainment. 

Launching this September 2023, the channel – which also aims to further establish the presence of Saudi content within the global creative landscape – will focus on content that reflects the Kingdom’s rich heritage, majestic civilisation, and exciting culture.

Distinguished programming is set to include expertly produced content on arts, literature, history and heritage, poetry, film and theatre, design, fashion, and dining and hospitality. Documentaries scheduled to feature include ones centred on the lives and memoirs of prominent Saudi figures, while other programming will comprise theatre performances and productions, Saudi arts and culture talks and showcases, as well as talk shows with renowned academics in their space.

In addition to the new channel, the agreement also incorporates the launch of a new digital media platform dedicated to similar content in the Saudi cultural space. Aimed at audiences who prefer to consume most of their content online, the platform will continuously publish articles, podcasts, and videos such as short documentaries.

Reflecting the ever-changing needs of both local and global audiences, both the upcoming channel and digital platform welcomes the involvement of Saudi talent and creatives, with MBC GROUP spearheading the transformation of their content into important cultural assets.

As previously mentioned, the establishment of the channel is in line with the cultural objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, cementing the Kingdom’s position as a regional hub for culture. This aligns with the aspirations of a new generation of audiences, content creators, and others, who are passionate about showcasing their beloved country to the rest of the world.