MMS unveils MBC GROUP’s Ramadan 2024 line-up & sponsorship opportunities
Posted on 2024 Feb,08

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MBC Media Solutions (MMS), the commercial arm of MBC Group, hosted an exclusive star-studded event in Riyadh yesterday to unveil the group’s Ramadan line-up and sponsorship opportunities across TV, Shahid, and Radio. This included exciting originals, sequels, comedies, dramas, talk shows, entertainment, and much more.

During the event, MMS emphasized the power of MBC Group’s Ramadan premium content in connecting brands with their audiences across all platforms.

Last year alone, MBC Group TV channels achieved a 66% household reach and 77% individual reach in KSA during Ramadan. Shahid recorded 22 million active users and 137 million plays during the month in 2023. Additionally, radio in KSA attracted 7.5 million average daily listeners to MBC FM and Panorama FM’s Ramadan shows in 2023. Meanwhile, the group’s social media channels recorded 138.4 billion engagements with Ramadan content.

Ahmed Al Sahhaf, CEO of MMS, highlighted in his opening speech how MBC’s premium Arabic content, across all platforms, enables brands to reach millions from all over MENA and Saudi Arabia through MMS’s tailor-made solutions.

“At MMS, we aim to help brands tap into the magic of Ramadan through MBC Group’s top-performing content, enabling them to make meaningful connections with the millions watching across MENA. We continuously diversify our offerings to empower brands to successfully leverage this content to best connect with their audiences, unlocking invaluable opportunities for them to be part of the special season’s stories and narratives.”

At the event, MBC presenters Waheeb Al Dakheel and Taghrid Alhowish showcased the Ramadan 2024 line-up across MBC Group platforms and MMS’s tailor-made solutions across the whole of MBC Group’s ecosystem. They revealed an exciting and diverse drama line-up on MBC1, MBC Drama, and Shahid.

MBC Group radio stations Panorama FM and MBC FM also have a Ramadan line-up for listeners, while Al Arabiya news channel presents a documentary-style show this Ramadan.

The event was attended by local and international companies, government entities, SMEs, as well as MBC Group stars and personalities. The special evening also featured MBC stars discussing their experiences shooting their soon-to-be-aired shows, and talent show winners performing on stage.