New York has the best crypto opportunities
Posted on 2022 Aug,26

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According to the findings of, New York is the most fantastic city in the world to find employment in the crypto industry. The average pay for a job related to cryptos in this city is $125,115. Besides, New York City is home to 327 businesses focusing on cryptos, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse.

Speaking on the findings, Jonathan Merry, CEO of CryptoMonday, said. "We took an interest in determining the city with the best crypto opportunities. We were considering pointers, for example, the average pay, number of associated businesses and the rules." He went on to say. “There is a tremendous possibility to succeed in New York city because there are a staggering 4,729 employment openings.”


America Dominates in the Top 10 Cities

Oakland, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Austin, Boston, and Seattle are all included in the top 10 cities. Interestingly, they are all in the United States, making it the greatest nation for a career in crypto.

The top ten only include two locations outside of the United States. Singapore, which is position four, and London, which is seventh. The two countries rank as the top cities with the highest concentration of businesses engaged in cryptos. London has the highest concentration (505), while Singapore has the second-highest concentration (352).


Crypto Salaries Are Rising

Starting a career in this area is enticing for many. It has plenty of potential in some of the world's most innovative and exciting places. Furthermore, the remuneration for cryptocurrency is on the rise.

The sector attracts the best minds since it is technology based. The shortage of experts in blockchain technology makes it more lucrative. Although some countries are considering cryptocurrency illegal, it doesn't deter the operations.

Due to the shortage, employers come up with better deals and contracts to ensure they hold the experts.