OSN+ ‘No More FOMO’ campaign rolls out with Aseel Omran
Posted on 2023 Feb,22

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OSN+, the popular streaming service for premium entertainment, has collaborated with show-stopping Arab celebrities, starting with Saudi Arabian actress Aseel Omran in a series of new advertising campaigns designed to cure viewers’ FOMO ((Fear of Missing Out).

Directed by acclaimed Egyptian director Omar El Zohairy, the new campaign titled ‘No More FOMO’ features an original song humorously depicting the dreaded FOMO effect when you miss out on the latest content and are out of the loop. The song has been picked up by leading content creators on TikTok and is already gaining momentum as an original sample.

This drop is the first in an exclusive promotional series with other celebrities being featured, soon to be unveiled.

The launch video shows that even celebrities are not immune from the uncomfortable experience of feeling left out because they missed the latest show or movie that all of their friends are talking about.

The digital first campaign aims to disrupt the traditional media executions that are hard to break through with younger generations.

Each unique piece will tackle a different scenario depicting those awkward moments when you’re ‘out of the loop’ with the trending series. With OSN+, fans get an instant fix at the same time as the US, so you will never have to miss another moment.

The brand campaign’s tagline “Watch What You’re Missing” will encourage audiences to discover all the ‘must see’ content available on the streaming platform.

The campaign was shot by multi-talented director Omar El Zohairy, who has won multiple awards including the Grand Prize of the International Critics' Week at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival and has become known for his funny yet high end engaging adverts.

“OSN+ is the platform of choice for passionate content lovers who rely on us for the latest trending series, and celebrities such as Aseel are no different,” said Ashley Rite, VP of Marketing and Growth at OSN+. “Streaming has brought back the importance of being part of ‘must see’ content, and with OSN+, everyone can avoid FOMO and watch what they’re missing.”