SALAMA’s ‘Kind Beings of Dubai’ campaign ends with record engagement on Social Media
Posted on 2022 Oct,12

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Islamic Arab Insurance Company ("SALAMA"), the UAE's Shari'ah-compliant Takaful solutions provider, has concluded its 22-day social media campaign titled ‘Kind Beings of Dubai.’

Running from September 19 until October 10, ‘Kind Beings of Dubai’ called on the emirates’ residents and visitors to share stories of extraordinary acts of kindness. The unique campaign received nearly 600 submissions, with SALAMA selecting the most transformative to win a AED 1000 voucher each day. Stories demonstrated how kindness can have a great impact on society, touching hearts and even saving and transforming lives.

Launched following the 'Care is Easy' campaign, which paved the way for a dialogue on the importance of kindness towards support staff, domestic workers and dependents, 'Kind Beings of Dubai' was launched to acknowledge and reward the notion of inclusivity that remains at the core of the emirate's community spirit. Complementing the Dubai-wide initiative, SALAMA has recently launched the Essential Benefit Plan – A DHA-licensed offering tailored to meet the needs of employees with dependents who earn less than AED 4000 per month.

‘Kind Beings of Dubai’ has successfully generated one million plus impressions, and a 300,000% plus increase in Instagram Salama account reach, leveraging the power of social media to promote positive behaviours for the wellbeing of communities across Dubai.

Commenting on the success of the campaign, Sadia Noori, Head of Marketing at SALAMA, said: “We are immensely proud to have successfully executed this campaign, which was inspired by acts of kindness hidden in our daily lives, especially in a city like Dubai. Our aim was to highlight kindness in everyday routines, encouraging individuals across the city to reflect on what it meant to them, and how they have experienced it here. At SALAMA, we wanted to reward the unsung heroes and celebrate them in hopes of motivating more people to do good, as we believe that “caring is easy” when you approach it with kindness.”

SALAMA has recently launched specialised WhatsApp service 800SALAMA and now offers end-to-end pet and medical insurance plans to customers through the platform.