Snapchatters in KSA are reshaping communication and redefining the shopping experience with AR, says new report
Posted on 2022 Jul,26

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Snap Inc. has released The Snapchat Generation 2022, a new report that reveals how Snapchatters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are keen to have a positive impact on the world around them - and that they value authenticity and realness in themselves, the people and the brands they connect with.

Snapchat reaches over 90% of 13-34 year-olds in Saudi Arabia and the platform’s monthly addressable reach in the Kingdom has reached 20 million monthly unique Snapchatters, with nearly 90% of KSA daily users interacting with Lenses every day.

Data within the report demonstrates how the Snapchat Generation in the Kingdom is putting their values into action and evolving many aspects of the way we live today.

According to the report, their top five values are having fun, caring for their health and wellbeing, accomplishing their goals, being true to who they are and expressing their individuality, and making money.

Snapchatters in KSA are driving a shift towards realness, staying true to who they are and living in the moment, with 98% of them stating they enjoy sharing and celebrating moments in their life on Snapchat.

They are redefining communication by expressing themselves in more creative and inclusive ways. Snapchatters are 1.4 times more likely to have used augmented reality (AR) to enhance their photos or videos, three in five use visual communication to make a more personal connection, and 98% of them have used some form of visual communication when messaging their friends.

Connections are more important than ever, with 85% of Snapchatters saying that connecting with friends is the simplest way for them to feel happier. They seek to engage with friends, the broader world, and brands. In terms of the latter, they want brands to communicate in more creative and visual ways, such as by embracing a camera-first approach rather than formal communications.

Abdulla Alhammadi, Regional Business Lead at Snap Inc., said: "Saudi Arabia is an exciting market, and the data unveiled in the new Snapchat Generation 2022 report demonstrates just how transformative the last few years have been on the Kingdom's population. There's a refreshing attitude of wanting to express authenticity and true self, with 75% of Snapchatters keen to experiment and change aspects of their look and appearance, and 93% of them wanting to try on clothes or make-up using AR. As the number one app being used to create content via the camera, and a space where anyone can be their authentic self, Snapchat has a unique insight into not only what the youth of Saudi Arabia want, but how they can be successfully reached."

The Snapchat Generation has a desire for establishing deeper relationships with brands, with 56% of them now feeling that it is more important to build connections with them. This is especially important to the 71% of Snapchatters who are digitally interacting with brands more now than they were before the pandemic.

There is a strong emphasis amongst Snapchatters for brands to embrace inclusivity and lead with empathy. AR is a key tool for businesses to leverage when connecting with the Snapchat Generation, with 63% of Snapchatters saying that AR experiences feel more personal. Brands should focus on matching the spaces Snapchatters create by keeping communications light and playful, and by being conversational rather than seeking to be impactful.

Snapchatters also want content that authentically portrays what a brand stands for. They're keen on personalisation and personalised experiences, especially when it comes to spending - 97% are interested in using AR for shopping, for example.In KSA, 93% of Snapchatters are interested in using AR to try on makeup or clothes of their choice.

"The key to connecting with the Snapchat Generation is by understanding their unique needs, wants, and traits. Brands need to prioritise authenticity. They need to branch out and build communities with their audience by establishing meaningful connections. Shared values are more important now than ever before - and there's an expectation for openness and honesty in communications," added Abdulla.