Starbucks‘ iconic cup turned into a canvas to celebrate Saudi pride
Posted on 2023 Oct,02

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With the 'Canvas of Pride' campaign, Starbucks went all out for KSA National Day for the entire month of September starting with the first-ever special edition cup that brings to life Saudi national pride through the work of local artists.

The cup design, created by Saudi artist Joud Yahya Al Sultan, was selected through a competition organized back in 2022 by the Ministry of Culture and Starbucks.

The winning design, rooted in Saudi heritage and landscapes, is now featured on Starbucks cups throughout the Kingdom and during the entire month of September 2023. The special designed cup was unveiled in a moving video featuring Joud Yahya Al Sultan talking about the inspiration behind her artwork.

The celebration of Saudi pride goes beyond the cup and into Starbucks stores across Saudi Arabia, which have been transformed into hubs of cultural celebration. Starbucks also collaborated with Saudi artists by offering spaces within select stores for them to create their interpretations of national pride through visual art, poetry, writing and music.

Starbucks’ online platforms were also used to amplify the beautiful expressions of Saudi pride, which made waves through not just the nation of Saudi Arabia but also in neighbouring gulf countries.

A new competition has also been launched under the theme of "Arabic Poetry” and with the selected winning designs set to be featured once again on the iconic Starbucks cup for the next national day celebration.

As a brand that celebrates community, this initiative is designed to provide a platform for Saudi nationals to express their deep-rooted connection to their country by encouraging them to celebrate Saudi National Day (23 September) in their own distinctive ways by using Starbucks as a platform. Starbucks stands with the Saudi community, not just as a coffee brand but as a platform that celebrates and amplifies Saudi pride.

This impactful campaign was made possible through a partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Socialize Agency, who worked alongside Starbucks to develop the creative concept.

Olena Lemeshko, Marketing Director - Starbucks, Alshaya Group said: “For the first time Starbucks has let the iconic cup be a canvas to celebrate national pride of Saudi Arabia. This campaign speaks to what we strive to do within the communities we serve, which is to give local youth a platform where they can express themselves and celebrate culture. We are truly proud of this campaign which goes beyond a cup of coffee, Joud’s story has touched hearts, inspired others, and moved the nation.”






Alshaya - Starbucks


Brand team:

  • Olena Lemeshko, Head of Marketing
  • Rahat Reza, Senior Marketing Manager
  • Lara Khalifeh, Senior Marketing Manager


Creative agency: Socialize

  • Tala Majed,  Senior Account Manager
  • Tala Omar, Senior Account Executive 
  • Rhia Samuel, Group Account Director
  • Thando Mafongsi, Strategy Director
  • Danielle Bedin, Senior Strategist
  • Jason Velasquez Burayag, Senior Creative Director
  • Nour Mohammad, Senior Art Director
  • Marrwan El Hussein, Senior Art Director
  • Christian Gacel, Junior Producer
  • Martina Niranjini, Creative Production Lead
  • Nazmi Danish, Associate Project Manager
  • Nikol Buenaventura, Senior Content Creator
  • Fatema Lokhandwala, Senior Content Editor
  • Xavier Dell, Junior Producer
  • Mohamed Essam Adb El-Fateh, Arabic Copywriter
  • Mireille Isknader, Influencer Manager
  • Sheikha Benazir, Influencer Specialist



  • Joud Yahya Al Sultan