The One Club opens 2024 Creative Hall of Fame nominations to global membership
Posted on 2023 Aug,25

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After decades of having its Board of Directors nominate the esteemed inductees for the biannual Creative Hall of Fame, The One Club for Creativity is for the first time opening the nomination process for 2024 to its global membership.

The Creative Hall of Fame has a rich heritage of honoring the lifetime achievements of creative luminaries in advertising, design, and education, starting with the induction of Leo Burnett in 1961.  In its current incarnation, the Creative Hall of Fame encompasses the Copywriters Club Hall of Fame (1961–1974), the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame (1972–2012), and the Educators Hall of Fame (2012–present), all under the umbrella of the non-profit One Club for Creativity.

Nominations, which are free for members, are now open, with a deadline of October 20, 2023. 

Criteria for consideration is three-fold:

  • Impact Those who have a celebrated body of work.  This includes work that has been recognized as the best in the industry over multiple years for multiple brands, can be considered truly innovative and original in thinking and execution, and has an undeniable lasting impact.
  • Influence Those who have used their creativity and leveraged their resources to advance the industry and serve the greater good.
  • Inspiration Those who have had a measurable, positive effect on the next generation of creative leaders, and are known industry-wide as mentors, door-openers, and opportunity-creators.

Nominations must be accompanied by a current bio, headshot, 6-10 examples of work, 1-10 references to accolades and recognition they received, and at least four testimonial letters of support.

Qualified nominees will be reviewed by The One Club Board of Directors, who make the final selection of honorees to be inducted at a special black-tie fundraising ceremony in November 2024 in New York.

In addition to honoring an esteemed group of advertising and design professionals and educators, the Creative Hall of Fame ceremony is also a major fundraising event to support the non-profit One Club’s many ongoing education, diversity, gender equality, and professional development initiatives.  

These include programs to support the next generation of creative leaders, such as workshops for high school students to learn about the industry, college-level scholarship, mentoring and recognition programs, outreach to bring underrepresented talent into the industry, portfolio reviews for young creatives, and more.

“The Creative Hall of Fame is the ultimate recognition of visionary creative professionals and educators who transformed the industry, uplifted underrepresented groups, and continue to inspire the next generation of creative leaders,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club. “It’s only appropriate to engage the broader community and open the nomination process up globally to those who represent the current state of creative excellence.”