Three ways MMS can help you leverage Ramadan this year
Posted on 2023 Apr,02

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Ramadan is a time of connecting with one another and coming together as a community.

Over the past 30 years MBC Group has become an important part of the Ramadan Experience serving as a way for families and friends to come together and connect over their favorite shows and actors.

This unlocks exclusive opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences across MBC’s diverse ecosystem and beyond to reach their customers at every touch point.

Here are three ways MBC Media Solutions (MMS) can help your brand leverage Ramadan’s premium Arabic contents, big reach and diverse ecosystem:  


  1. Advertise this Ramadan on the World’s leading Arabic streaming platform.

Connect with your audiences through Shahid, the go-to destination for ‘Mosalsalat’ lovers this Ramadan. MMS offers a range of ad formats, including hero ads, which offer premium placement, within the home page, native ads, which seamlessly integrate your ads within the homepage and show page and in-stream pause ads that appear in-player once a viewer presses pause while watching the content.


  1. Reach your audience at every touch point!

Seamlessly integrate your product on top of premium Arabic content across MBC group’s ecosystem and beyond to amplify your reach and expand your marketing efforts across different screens and marketing channels. This Includes MBC Group’s: VoD platform Shahid, TV channels, social media, digital and audio as well as our digital partners, which include TikTok, Twitter & Snap.


  1. Virtually place your ads in top performing shows in post-production!

MMS’s ‘In-content Integration’ solution (ICI) uses seamless virtual product placement to insert your brand in top performing Ramadan shows, increasing your brand’s reach, awareness, and sales.