Those Who Inspire LEBANON, a new book set to inspire and motivate Lebanese Youth
Posted on June 05, 2018

Those Who Inspire Lebanon is a book that portrays 59 inspiring Lebanese individuals from all walks of life. ‘Those Who Inspire’ (TWI) is a book first published in 2012 with the aim of shedding light on inspiring people from various countries from around the world, but the book has transformed into something bigger, an inspiring work and movement. The purpose of Those Who Inspire is to empower Millennials and to boldly encourage them to pursue their dreams and, above all, believe in themselves. Each book explores a wide spectrum of role models and mentors from their own country, sharing their experiences, successes, failures, wisdom and advice. It’s a literal roadmap to the future, paved with storytelling, energy, and life.

TWI is a firm believer and advocate of gender parity however, in its Lebanese edition, a slight majority is given to women, with 30 portraits out of the 59 being on Lebanese female individuals portraits.

This book, which is free of advertising and ranking, highlights the advice, experience, passions and wisdom of Lebanese who add value to the community and are mentors or in the process of becoming mentors to local youth. Important to note that all the IP (Inspiring People) portrayed have agreed to become mentors when contacted by young readers of the book or/and participate in talks.

Regardless of reputation and level of civic or corporate responsibility, all the IPs are committed to acting as mentors, and sharing their values and beliefs with the younger generations. For Those Who Inspire they donate their greatest resource of all: time.

The books are donated to students in public universities in collaboration with our partners (Those Who Inspire Movement).

Also young Lebanese employees will receive books via donations from their companies or the institutions that have partnered with TWI. The more companies or institutions partner with TWI the more books are given as free donations to students under the concept of 1 book to the partner = 1 extra book donated to Universities. TWI hopes to reach as many young Lebanese as possible since, a few months after the physical book is published, a free online Pdf version will be available for all.

“We know from experience that the right kind of inspiration can change the course of a young person’s life. That’s what inspiration is all about, and we are honoured to facilitate that in any way we can,” says Delphine Barets Co-Founder and Publisher.

“I just spent around nine months working on Those Who Inspire LEBANON, and I am amazed at how many inspiring Lebanese I´ve met are dedicated to inspire empower and guide their youth through sharing experiences,” says Alejandro Andrés, Co-Publisher TWI Lebanon.

Founded by Delphine Barets and Marlene Plomik, Those Who Inspire Ltd released their first bookThose Who Inspire: Oman in December 2012, then an edition on the UAE followed in November 2014, Nigeria in September 2016 and Honk Kong in 2016. In 2017 Those Who Inspire did its first Corporate book for internal use of BNPP called “The Mentoring Effect”. Those Who Inspire, KUWAIT and Those Who Inspire, MEXICO have seen the light on the 24th of April and on the 8th of May, respectively.

Under production are Those Who Inspire of Bahrain, Spain, Bretagne (region of France) & Panama. Also starting soon: New Delhi, Ghana as well as a Those Who Inspire Paris dedicated to Women and a Those Who Inspire Sports.