KitKat's new campaign by Publicis ME makes the point about the importance of breaks
Posted on 2023 Jun,12  | By ArabAd's staff

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The latest KitKat campaign developed by Publicis Middle East is designed to remind us how crucial breaks can be. The brand lives upto its quirky style and makes one smile.

Breaks (or punctuations) can make or break the sentence.

Instructions like: “Slow workers ahead”, “Caution camels close the gate”, “Smoking food or pets are not permitted”, are as confusing as they are hilarious without the punctuation marks.

And KitKat is here to remind us of what we tend to forget—that breaks do matter.

With its latest campaign, KitKat has managed to capture some snapshots from our daily life, with eight different instruction messages (5 in English and 3 in Arabic) that were written by design without the punctuation, to show the audience the unexpected side of what will happen when we forget to add breaks.

This is a fresh and different approach the brand has taken in this campaign in order to demonstrate the importance of a KitKat Break.

This new campaign is currently being displayed in the Dubai metro and via Outdoor.





Senior Brand Manager : Ghait Hamed

Brand Manager: Bishara Touckly

Chief Creative Officer : Rafael Augusto

Creative director : Mohamed Bareche

Senior Copywriter : Nicolas Richard

Senior Art Director : Paulo Ottaviani

Senior Art Director : Mohamed Youssef El Naggar

Senior Copywriter : Hani Mohsen

Art Director : Tina Balaa

Business Lead : Maya Khammar

Account Manager : Jean Pierre Deaibes