The International Advertising Association Unveils New Identity on its 80th Anniversary
Posted on 2018 Apr,23

 The International Advertising Association (IAA) today unveiled a new identity and mission, symbolized by the introduction of a new logo that signifies its transformation and culture of thought leadership built over the association’s 80-year history.

Since its founding, IAA’s mission has been based on the belief in the powerful role communications can play, if properly directed, in the lives of consumers and in the world. Over the years, IAA has embraced the changes and indeed guided the industry through the disruption caused product innovations, changing consumers’ preferences, proliferation of media choices, and new and innovative modes of product delivery. It supports the cause of advertising self-regulation with the strong belief, that if we don't regulate ourselves, someone else will.  

The association’s new identity and logo is centered on a twenty-first century compass, that guide marketers, agencies, media – and now digital, interactive and e-commerce  companies – to deepen the relevance of marketing communications in today’s multi-faceted global marketplace.  

“From the beginning, our aspiration was to be the pre-eminent organization, unified across borders, to embrace opportunities and confront challenges of an ever-evolving marketing landscape,” said IAA Chairman and Global President, Felix Tataru.

Solidifying its new mission, the IAA will be hosting its Global Marketing Summit on April 27 at Time Warner Center in New York. The annual conference brings together more than 200 of the world’s leading members of the international advertising community to share best practices and share industry challenges.

“Each year we strive to bring speakers to our Global Marketing Summit who will stimulate discussion and offer solutions to issues facing the global advertising industry,” said Tataru. “This year’s programming will not only debate the industry’s most pressing issues, but bring our new mission into focus.”