MENA DIGITAL AWARDS 2023: celebrating digital innovation and creativity
Posted on 2023 May,22

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The MENA Digital Awards 2023, one of the most awaited events in the digital industry across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is announcing the commencement of its 2023 edition. This award show has been established to recognise and celebrate digital excellence and creativity among agencies, brands, and organisations in the MENA region.

The upcoming MENA Digital Awards 2023 ceremony is scheduled to take place in October in Dubai, UAE. The primary objective of this event is “to acknowledge exceptional achievements in utilising digital technologies and media while recognising the individuals and brands driving progress in the communication industry towards a future-oriented direction.”

The 2023 edition of the MENA Digital Awards will once again assess nominees based on the seven established categories, including Performance, Mobile, Social Media, Integrated, Special, Digital Assets, and Digital by Sector. These categories aim to acknowledge and celebrate excellence and innovation in digital marketing campaigns across the Middle East and North Africa.

This year's edition is introducing the MENA Influencer Awards, which will acknowledge the most impactful digital content creators in the region. Awards will be presented under the usage of several media platforms including Best Use of Facebook, Best Use of Twitter, Best Use of TikTok, Best Use of YouTube, Best Use of Instagram, Best Use of Snapchat, Best Use of LinkedIn, and Best Use of All Platforms under the categories including Most Influential Video Gaming, Family & Parenting, Make-up Tutorials, Activist, Fashion, Travel Vlogger, Fitness, Podcaster, and Vlogger. The entries will be evaluated by a panel of experienced judges from the digital industry based on their creativity, innovation, execution, and impact, recognizing the best use of the region's most prominent social media platforms.

Najla Semaan Mazboudi, Founder of MENA Digital Awards said, “We are excited to commence the MENA Digital Awards 2023 and provide a platform to showcase the incredible digital talent, innovation, and creativity in the MENA region. We encourage all digital agencies, brands, and organisations in the region to participate and showcase their work, gain recognition for their achievements, and inspire others to push the boundaries of digital excellence."