An exclusive screening of award-winning docu-drama ‘Karkha: A Village From Lebanon’ hosted by Public Matters Lebanon
Posted on 2024 Jul,09  | By ArabAd's staff

Public Matters Lebanon (PML) continuously engage in social activism through arts; it is undoubtedly one powerful tool to stand in the face of corruption.

By raising the engagement level of society in artistic expression projects, millennials will keep a piece of Lebanon in their hearts no matter where they decide to migrate.

Cultural impact through filmmaking advocacy is not today's priority even in the Lebanese cinema industry. Here is where Public Matters Lebanon’s mindful movie comes in. 

‘Karkha: A Village From Lebanon’, a 45-minute docu-drama produced by Public Matters Lebanon has been recognized at the World Film Festival in Cannes as the Best Arabic Movie directed by the cause-driven filmmaker, Nassif Al Rayess, for the deep and reflective social topic depicting to the international community, the beauty and coziness of life in a small village in South Lebanon and reminding the audience of what matters most.

The movie takes place in a small village in Southern Lebanon called Karkha, small village in the casa of Jezzine, while unveiling a rich history of the region since the 1700s while building with the audience an emotional journey all through the film. The significance is that all those who appear as actors are actually the locals from Karkha, whose naturalism and love for their land have spiced up the sense of realism in the storytelling. 

“Arts unify communities”, says President of PML, Julie BouChakra"We have been working towards creating a new paradigm for our organization where we give our work a deepened impact hand in hand with the art of filmmaking. 

Through its financial self-sustainability strategy, Public Matters Lebanon (PML) passionately advocates for the integration of filmmaking as a central tool in addressing societal issues and highlighting shared realities in a country that is doomed by economic hardship and socio-political discord. 

We also work hard to find along the way, people whose love for arts is translated into joined forces with Public Matters Lebanon like the case of our movie, ‘Karkha: A Village From Lebanon’, which had been supported by Charlie Hanna, CEO of Cedar’s Foods.”

In contrast to the conventional negative portrayal of Lebanon that is often depicted in global news and movies, this film delves into the positive elements in Lebanese communities and their resilience in all its forms throughout many generations.

Away from political and religious incitements, this movie is an inspirational one that reminds us of what matters most.

Al Madina Theatre will host Public Matters Lebanon on the evening of July 19 and will transform its theater into an exceptional cinema for 45 minutes where Lebanese and expats living in Lebanon will have the chance to watch this must-watch award winning movie directed by the idiosyncratic filmmaker, Nassif Al Rayess and written by Julie BouChakra. 

Details available on Al Madina theatre and Public Matters Lebanon social media platforms. 

Tickets available at Antoine Ticketing or simply via WhatsApp on 81 880 131