Havas Middle East’s new prosumer report reveals key insights into consumer behavior in the region
Posted on 2023 Nov,24

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Havas Middle East unveils the ‘Joyful Frugality’ Report, the latest edition of its periodic Prosumer Report. The comprehensive study highlights the evolving attitudes towards consumption in the region, shedding light on the growing trend of mindful spending among consumers. 

Developed through rigorous qualitative and quantitative research in collaboration with strategists from 30 global Havas offices, the survey, with a sample size of nearly 1,013 people, was spilt evenly across the two main markets of UAE and KSA.

The findings illuminate a shift towards aspirational frugality among prosumers, while embracing a lifestyle of moderate consumption.

Notably, 81% of prosumers in the UAE and a striking 91% in KSA expressed a desire for a frugal world, reflecting a significant move towards a more mindful and sustainable living.

“This study underscores Havas Middle East's dedication to understanding and leading in today's evolving market, marked by a significant shift towards more conscious and deliberate spending. We recognize the necessity of aligning with these emerging values – it's not just a smart business move, it's a moral duty. Our report urges brands to not just treat sustainability and mindful consumption as passing trends, but to view them as essential, enduring shifts in how we manage our resources and responsibilities. At Havas, we're at the forefront of this evolution, empowering our clients to make a meaningful impact in building a more sustainable, frugal future," says Dany Naaman, CEO, Havas Middle East.


Highlights of the report:

  • Minimalism Trend: UAE and KSA Prosumers expressed readiness to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, viewing it as a liberation from outdated systems. Prosumers recognise the benefits of owning less and making conscious choices to reduce environmental impact.
  • Waste Reduction: 61% of Prosumers in the UAE and 68% in KSA said they actively seek ways to recycle, reflecting a commitment to waste reduction.
  • Prioritising Sustainability: Prosumers in the UAE (67%) and KSA (61%) prioritise needs over excess, opting for a more sustainable future through mindful purchasing.
  • Energy Consumption: Over half of prosumers in both the UAE and KSA demonstrate increased mindfulness in energy consumption, perceiving it as a healthier lifestyle with tangible cost savings.
  • Brand Responsibility: Prosumers emphasised brands and companies' responsibility for climate change, driving a growing demand for businesses to incorporate frugality and contribute to sustainable practices.
  • Consumer Perception: Only 8% (UAE) and 15% (KSA) of consumers said they believed that brands are currently making sufficient efforts to combat climate change.


As the region witnesses a shift towards frugality, businesses must consider the shifting values and aspirations of consumers, integrating sustainable practices into their operations to meet the growing demand for a more mindful and responsible way of life.