Jumana Radi leads an all-female electriclime° team in the ever-growing Dubai production market
Posted on 2023 May,17

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Since 2015, the electriclime° team in Dubai has helped the company flourish in one of the world biggest growing advertising markets.

As a production house in the MENA region, shoots have spanned across the continent, pinpointing the best locations and creating the best possible films for their clients.

electriclime° prides itself in its “ability to develop production talent, harnessing the potential of its interns and help them grow within the industry.”

For Farah Saoudi, her first day working with the electriclime° team just so happened to be the first day on a recent set.

The three-day shoot saw her thrown right into the world of production, gaining hands-on experience from the very beginning of her internship.

But every step of the way she was guided by electriclime° experienced Dubai team, and here she takes us through the individuals who made it an unforgettable experience for her.

The all-female team is led by Senior Producer Jumana Radi. Farah said: “I learned from her how to be precise with the details, how every little thing matters at the endgame and how to word your standpoint in a way that gets both parties what they want while maintaining the business relationships. And of course, her sense of positive spirit and pure motivation only inspired me to do my work that much better.”

Meanwhile, Layal Mooti has risen through the ranks with electriclimeº, recently becoming Producer with the Alserkal Avenue team.

“‘Keep eyes and ears everywhere’ were the first words she communicated before the start of my first day on set,” Farah added.

“From observing the way she handles certain situations, I understood how to effectively get my point across and be straightforward. This kept the production process in-line with deadlines and deliverables.”

On the creative side, Senior Editor and Colourist Mariam Gabunia has put the finishing touches on several electriclime° films over the past few years.

Farah said: “During the long hours of the shoot, she was the one I turned to, as she gives off this natural sense of comfort. With her, I learned greatly about production and especially editing in the course of a single conversation.”

One of the newest members of the team is Lana Abu Risheh, who joined as Production Coordinator. “She was the one I worked alongside most and have so much respect for,” Farah continued.

“She would genuinely care to teach me about the different aspects of production, the different areas that I could potentially find interesting. And for me, as a finance student, recon was my thing. However, it was Lana who helped me discover that and guided me throughout the process.”

Rounding off the team is Production Assistant Norah Alheraiz. Farah concluded: “She never fails to amaze me with how talented she is at filmmaking. This is what happens when you are passionate about what you study and eventually pursue it as a career.”