MBC STUDIOS continues to invest in Saudi talent and infrastructure
Posted on 2022 Mar,03

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MBC STUDIOS, the in-house premium content production arm of MBC GROUP, is continuing to invest in Saudi talent and infrastructure as it firmly establishes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a major movie destination and global film production hub.

MBC STUDIOS recently concluded shooting in NEOM and the wider Tabuk province for the film “Desert Warrior” starring Hollywood star Anthony Mackie, and Aiysha Hart. Directed by British filmmaker Rupert Wyatt, “Desert Warrior” is co-produced by MBC STUDIOS and JB Pictures and AGC Studios.

Meanwhile MBC STUDIOS’ next global project, “Kandahar” starring Gerard Butler, is being filmed in the AlUla region and the city of Jeddah. Co-produced by MBC STUDIOS and Capstone Entertainment Group, “Kandahar” is directed by US filmmaker Ric Roman Waugh. Both movies are part of MBC STUDIOS’ ongoing efforts to produce local and global cinematic works that choose Saudi Arabia as their launching pad.



Waleed bin Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim, Chairman of MBC GROUP, reaffirmed the importance of such production projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“I want to thank the city of Neom for its tremendous support, along with the Royal Commission for AlUla, and the rest of the cities and regions that host and support our global productions in the heart of Saudi Arabia,” Al-Ibrahim said. “At a time when major Hollywood studios were forced into pausing shooting and production due to the sad events of the pandemic, Saudi Arabia’s quick response in managing the outbreak of COVID-19 enabled the nation to facilitate and offer a safe and suitable hub as a host for major global drama and film productions.

“It was able to provide the infrastructure and the superstructure that this vital sector needs, along with human resources and talent, logistic facilitations and unlimited support. This was provided together with medical care and monitoring to ensure the provision of safe production conditions to allow for the attraction of global investments.”

Al-Ibrahim concluded: “We have the greatest support from various government authorities, including the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture and the Film Commission, allowing us to devote MBC GROUP’s efforts and its long-standing production expertise in creating blockbuster productions that transcend borders.”



MBC STUDIOS’ strategic partnerships with the biggest production companies in Hollywood and the rest of the world not only contributes to the production of films such as “Desert Warrior” and “Kandahar” as well as other upcoming projects, they also present a local investment in the region through creating employment opportunities, renting space and facilities and honing young Saudi talent throughout different stages of the production process. For instance, during the shooting of both “Desert Warrior” and “Kandahar”, more than 850 jobs were provided for technicians and local professionals in the Kingdom, in addition to the hundreds of supporting, assisting, and secondary roles played by over 425 Saudi actors.

In terms of outsourced companies, over 214 local Saudi businesses were contracted to carry out professional, technical, logistic and other missions for both films. Accommodation for the staff on both movies was spread over 32 hotels in Neom, AlUla, Jeddah and Riyadh, as well as dozens of furnished hotel and housing units. This is in addition to providing hundreds of job opportunities for residents, who were contracted daily.