Meta annual study reveals behavioral insights during Ramadan
Posted on 2023 Feb,07

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Ramadan is a global moment observed by almost two billion people. Falling on the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar, it’s a time widely associated with fasting, prayer, and reflection - culminating with the celebratory feast of Eid. 

To better understand the behaviours of people who observe Ramadan and who shop for this season, Meta has released the results of its annual global consumer research titled “Meta Ramadan Moment Study”. The study was conducted in partnership with YouGov during Ramadan 2022 with over 18,000 adults in 12 countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

At its core, Ramadan is a time for community and kindness. It’s the single kindest moment on Meta technologies, with over 7.8M interactions containing the word “kindness” taking place on Facebook on the final day of Ramadan last year.

On Instagram, there were over 13.4M interactions mentioning togetherness, connection and community during the month-long period, while 91% of surveyed shoppers or observers in the UAE said they like to see content that promotes community and togetherness across both Facebook and Instagram during Ramadan and Eid; in addition to 81% of shoppers or observers in the UAE participated in charitable activities during Ramadan and Eid.

Fares Akkad, Meta’s regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, commented: “As a seasonal moment, the focus on unity and kinship during Ramadan is unmatched. For marketers, this creates an opportunity to connect with audiences through positive, emotionally-rich messaging.”


Here are three tips for businesses to create meaningful connection this Ramadan:


Connecting through brand storytelling

There are more ways than ever to create meaningful connections this Ramadan. With brand storytelling tools - such as Reels, in-stream video, branded content, and augmented reality - businesses can bring communities together through rich and immersive experiences. 58% of shoppers or observers in the UAE said they felt more connected to a brand after seeing Ramadan or Eid content on Facebook or Instagram.

The influence of creators in discovery on social media has grown over the past three Ramadan seasons. Creators are a trusted gateway to inspire audiences and align with Ramadan values. 58% of shoppers or observers in the UAE are more likely to trust a brand that partners with a trustworthy creator.


Personalising connection with Discovery Commerce

As shoppers are exploring different product categories during Ramadan than the rest of the year, they are increasingly looking for personalised recommendations to help navigate their purchasing decisions. 71% of shoppers or observers in the UAE agree it’s easier to complete their Ramadan shopping with personalised product and gift suggestions.


Strengthening connection with business messaging

Conversations are a powerful gateway to connection and commerce, especially during Ramadan. For many, instant messaging provides a more accessible way to communicate with businesses, 67% of shoppers or observers in the UAE feel more connected to a brand through instant messaging during Ramadan and Eid.

Beyond providing a more accessible customer experience, business messaging can also be a significant commerce enabler during high-traffic times. It provides a quick and easy route to address any queries or concerns, helping take customers from consideration to purchase in minutes.