Tawazun, Bayanat and Endless Studios launch a competition for tomorrow’s game changers
Posted on 2024 May,27

Tawazun Council (Tawazun) and Bayanat, in collaboration with Endless Studios, have launched the UAE Game Makers Competition 2024, marking a significant moment for the UAE’s educational landscape. 

This nationwide contest invites young people to discover, display, and further develop their talent via game design, particularly emphasizing the integration of UAE cultural elements into their games, with a generous prize pool of AED 100,000. 

The initiative sets the stage for an endless learning journey that will enable UAE youngsters to master tomorrow's digital skills using their enthusiasm for gaming.

In addition to nurturing a thriving gaming ecosystem that echoes the local and regional narratives that define us, this innovative approach underscores the potential of games as a powerful tool for learning.

By integrating gaming and geospatial technologies, Tawazun, Bayanat, and Endless Studios unite in a commitment to teaching employable skills across multiple disciplines, including art, design, engineering, management, and marketing, among others, all within the context of game design.

Shareef Hashim Al Hashmi, CEO of Operations at Tawazun Council highlighted: “Our engagement in this initiative reflects our broader goal to inspire the youth of the UAE to venture into creative and technological fields such as game development. This is pivotal not only for the technological progression of our region but also for nurturing a sense of pride and belonging among our younger generations. By encouraging them to draw upon our rich cultural heritage as a source of inspiration, we are investing in the future leaders and innovators who will continue to carry forward the legacy of the UAE.”

Hasan Al Hosani, Managing Director of Bayanat, commented: “Our collaboration with Endless Studios and Tawazun is more than a partnership; it's a shared journey towards harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and data science. By focusing on developing gaming content that is not only engaging and entertaining but also educational and steeped in cultural relevance, we are laying the groundwork for a future where technology serves as a bridge between generations. This approach preserves our heritage while inspiring a new wave of technological advancement. This initiative is a cornerstone in our mission to illuminate the richness of the UAE’s culture through the universal language of gaming, offering our youth new avenues to explore their identity and creativity.”

Matt Dalio, CEO of Endless Studios, shared his vision, stating: “At Endless Studios, our mission is to ensure that learning tomorrow’s digital skills is an incredibly enjoyable experience. The launch of the UAE Game Makers Competition represents a significant milestone in our journey. By infusing Emirati cultural heritage into gaming, we not only celebrate our past but also pave the way for a future where technology and tradition converge to enable our people follow their dreams and their aspirations.”

Dalio further remarked: “The UAE Game Makers Competition goes far above being a typical game-building contest; it's a celebration of the exceptional talent present in the UAE. It signifies our unwavering dedication to nurturing this talent, recognizing the innovative spirit of the UAE youth, and providing them with the right tools and the opportunities to shine on both a regional and global stage. Our commitment extends beyond this event, reaching into the homes of students and their families. Because, in addition to games, the UAE Game Makers Competition builds futures, careers, and a lasting legacy of innovation and cultural pride.”

Tawazun and Bayanat, together with Endless Studios, say they remain dedicated to equipping the UAE youngsters with the skills necessary to thrive in today's rapidly evolving technological employment market. Their approach revolves around the excitement and engagement that games provide as a means to educate youth on a large scale, supporting the pivotal role of gaming in cultural expression and technological innovation.