The Middle Eastern social media star category is back as part of the People’s Choice Awards 2022
Posted on 2022 Oct,27

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The Middle Eastern Social Media category is back for its second year as E! recognises some of the most iconic and influential people across the Middle East as part of the People’s Choice Awards 2022

Back for the second time in the history of the ceremony, the People’s Choice Awards’ category dedicated to the Middle East will have eight contenders from the region in the running. 

In the race to be crowned the Middle Eastern Social Media Star of 2022 are:


  • Ahmad Aburob, Jordanian lifestyle YouTuber and content creator: “Being nominated for this award will be a great push for me towards my goal, which is becoming the Number 1 creator in the MENA region. Lately, I have been working so hard on my videos, spending all the money I make on them, and working till midnight all day week, getting noticed by E! and being nominated for the People's Choice Awards is really a dream come true.”


  • Amy Roko, Saudi Arabian comedian and beauty maven: “I can’t believe it! I never knew a niqab wearing girl could even make it! I’m beyond happy, grateful, and amazed!”


  • Beki Ksouri – also known as Beki’s World – Tunisian adventure blogger and storyteller: “I am really grateful to be nominated as a North African for Middle Eastern Social Media Star of 2022, and I am sure my community will be proud of me. After so many years on social media, since 2016, we have been through a lot! I believe this nomination will be a reward for all the ups and downs we faced together.” 


  • Hadeel Marei, Egyptian comedian, beauty blogger and lifestyle influencer: “I remember watching entertainers’ acceptance speeches at the People’s Choice Awards, and to be nominated for this year’s Middle Eastern Social Media Star of 2022, it’s giving main character energy, and I’m here for it.”


  • Joe Hattab, Jordanian-born Saudi-raised travel vlogger: “Thank you for nominating me, it means so much to me to be nominated for the first time at global awards show like the People’s Choice Awards.” 


  • Natalia Ajnabiyeh, Greek Polish lifestyle content creator who was raised in Jordan: “To think that through doing the thing I love; creating content, I was recognised by the most renowned award show in the industry is truly humbling. Regardless of the outcome, the nomination in itself is an honour… I mean, to have my name alongside some of the most influential figures in the Middle East this year- wow!” 


  • Ossy Marwah, Dubai-based lifestyle vlogger, YouTuber, and content creator: “I am very glad that the Middle East gets a voice at a place such as this one and I am honored by the possibility of being the voice.”


  • Raghda K, Jordanian-based Instagram star and blogger: “This nomination has filled me with a strong sense of pride. I wouldn’t be here without all your love and support, I am extremely blessed and grateful and there will never be words to express my gratitude. It is a huge honour for me to be nominated for such an important and momentous occasion in my life.” 


Voting is now open for the People’s Choice Awards 2022, celebrating all forms of entertainment, chosen entirely by the people. Fans can either vote online or via Twitter until Wednesday, November 9 at 09:59am KSA.

The ceremony, taking place on Tuesday, December 6 2022, will be broadcast live from Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California.