Basata disrupts the Egyptian fintech landscape with new campaign by DDB Egypt
Posted on 2024 Jan,17  | By ArabAd's staff

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Basata, a leading fintech company, has announced in its latest campaign developed by DDB Egypt, the launch of POS machines within kiosks in Egypt, propelling the brand to the forefront of the Egyptian market

The campaign strategically emphasizes the centrality of Basata’s latest introduction, presenting the POS machine as an indispensable tool for businesses whilst communicating how overlooking the importance of POS machines could translate to missed opportunities and hindered growth for businesses.

In a strategic move, Basata campaign shifted the spotlight onto the often-overlooked merchant community, underscoring their paramount role in the success and growth of the brand. Hence by positioning Basata as a trailblazer in the industry, the brand is distinguishing itself from the competition

The campaign’s slogan had a dual significance, where simplicity meets brand identity, as the slogan captures the essence of the campaign with a play on the word Basata, resonating with both the merchant community and consumers.

The launch campaign, with its nuanced focus on the symbiotic relationship between the Basata POS machines and kiosks, positions Basata as a market leader. This bold move is a testament to the brand’s commitment to reshaping the fintech landscape and fostering a thriving ecosystem for both merchants and consumers.




DDB Egypt / Tarek Nour Communications / Everyone

Basel EL Deeb; Hazem El Saadan; Dalia Khairy

Creative Team: Mohamed Zoheir; Islam Khaled; Alaa Mansour; Ahmed Abdelrahman

Business Team: Karim Abou Eldahab; Freddy Joe; Enas Salamouny; Moustafa Fahim

Digital Team: Nada El Marsafy; Malak Gomaa; Tasneme Badawy; Mohammed Metwally; Nada Hassan

Client: Karim Shehata; Osman Badran; Maha Farag; Mohamed Hisham; Sherif Azm;y Yasmine Osman

Animation & Design: Mohammed Rafaat; Ibrahem Ismail; Khaled Elkady

Director: Omar Boraay 

DOP: Mohamed Hamzon 

AD: Wael Mandour

Everyone Production Team: Ammar Abu Shady; Ahmed Nashaat

Post House: LZRD
The Barber Shop: Amr Rabee

Editor: Amr Meky
Colorist: Ahmed EL Gendy 

VFX: Bassam Hussain
Post Producer: Samar Hegazy 

Sound Designer: Fady Garas

Music: Mohamed Refaat / 100 Copies