Ford enters TiKTok territory driving success with new campaign
Posted on 2023 Jul,25

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In the fast-paced consumer industry, brands need to continuously evolve to understand their audiences and maintain relevance amidst an overload of information and choices available to the end customers. 

Enter TikTok, the digital platform that has captured the attention of more than a billion users worldwide. The platform has become a go-to choice for brands aiming to showcase their products or services in game-changing ways and build meaningful connections with consumers, and that encompasses the GCC region.

Ford, a brand known for pushing boundaries, found success by leveraging TikTok to launch its latest SUV, the Ford Territory, in the Middle East. 

By embracing the power of relevance and understanding the unique storytelling capabilities that brands can apply on TikTok, Ford was able to engage a younger, tech-savvy audience and create a campaign that defied expectations. 

So, for this special model built for the region, rather than sticking to traditional approaches, Ford sought to create a bold and memorable campaign on TikTok that would resonate with its audience. 

Collaborating with WPP, Ford Middle East and TikTok developed an innovative "relevance framework" focusing on three key questions: What is being said? Who is saying it? Where is it being said?

Using these principles, Ford crafted content specifically tailored for TikTok, emphasising captivating storytelling formats, upbeat music and human presence. By incorporating product demonstrations, diverse visuals and clear calls-to-action, the campaign effectively engaged viewers and drove conversions on the platform.

The brand leveraged trusted and relatable creators in the MENA region, who already engaged with their respective communities in distinct ways. The creators came up with their own stories for the campaign, using cultural references on family orientation (father-daughter chat about vehicle's features, couple with baby display the car's child-friendly aspects etc), or presenting the Territory as the perfect vehicle for work, life and play.

The success of the Ford campaign speaks for itself. 

The implementation of the relevance framework led to a 2.4x improvement in Click-Through Rate (CTR) compared to industry benchmarks, indicating a high level of viewer engagement. The Video Completion Rate (VTR) experienced a significant boost, surpassing expectations with a 3x improvement. Additionally, there was a notable 25% increase in VTR to 100%, indicating that viewers were fully engaged and watched the entire video. The Brand Lift Study (BLS) results showcased an impressive 3x & 2.8x Ad Recall uplift in KSA and UAE respectively compared to Ad Recall uplift norms in these markets.

Kiko Roest, Marketing Communication Manager, Ford ME, said, "It was definitely interesting to see how such an 'entertaining & fun' platform can impact the brand and generate tactical results that supported our main awareness objective, and contributed to Ford's full funnel objectives."

Ford's successful campaign serves as a blueprint for brands across various industries, demonstrating the immense potential of TikTok as a platform to deliver impactful campaigns that drive tangible business outcomes. By understanding the power of relevance and leveraging the influence of TikTok creators, brands can stand out in the attention-driven era and connect with their target audiences in ways that resonate with them.

A study done for TikTok by IPSOS indicated higher ad recall for brands after partnering with creators, and a direct transition from product discovery to purchase for 85% of users exposed to creator-led videos. Moreover, 67% of users made a purchase after encountering a product in a creator's video, highlighting the immense influence of creator partnerships on driving tangible business outcomes.

Studies have also shown that TikTok delivers a staggering 2.4x higher impact on brand awareness compared to other digital channels. Its influence extends across the entire purchase funnel, translating into tangible results with an impressive 2.3x return on ad spend compared to any other measured media, including TV and total digital.

About 50% of TikTok content is shared on other digital channels, such as messaging and social, exposing brands to broader audiences beyond the platform. By understanding this, brands can tap into the power of TikTok's vibrant communities, leveraging their authenticity, relatability, and influence to propel their brand narratives to new heights.