Lhamim Marketing and Media unveils new corporate identity with captivating products and inspiring initiatives
Posted on 2023 Oct,11

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Saudi-based Lhamim Marketing and Media agency has launched its new corporate identity, showcasing its captivating concept and groundbreaking initiative aimed at expansion, innovation, and advancement in the field of media and communication. 

The agency emphasized on its social media accounts that the revamp was not merely for the sake of change, but rather a necessary decision for growth and adaptation to the ever-evolving landscape of modern marketing in the sector.

The new identity takes on the symbol of an upward arrow, representing the pursuit of growth, positioned above its name, signifying the constant flow of fresh creative ideas and inspiration that propels it forward in creating a new destination for marketing campaigns and modern communication tools.

The logo is adorned with the color purple, symbolizing the never-ending passion, while the orange color signifies radiance and vibrancy. The addition of the allure of black immortalizes the brand's journey, which has been the epitome of creativity and beauty.

Today, Lhamim proudly states that growth, respect, value, clarity, creativity, and control are its unwavering values, deeply ingrained through a natural growth strategy akin to a plant's upward and downward growth simultaneously, representing the achievement of effective communication with the client and the realization of its visible goals, known as "upward growth," as well as the solidification of its underlying objectives, known as "downward growth."

Driven by a sense of national duty and initiatives, which the new brand identity embodies, Lhamim has launched its new product, Winner Ad Platform. It is a comprehensive Saudi platform led by marketing experts that enables the launch of marketing campaigns within seconds, earning high customer ratings and successes by keeping up with the latest media and communication tools.

Saleh Aleidan, the CEO of Lhamim Marketing and Media, expressed his pride in the launch of the new identity, symbolizing all the meanings of progress and innovation, and his anticipation of the bright and innovative path that the brand is embarking on.

He also announced the launch of the Lhamim Space initiative, aimed at developing the sector and supporting the vision by holding several in-person meetings with a select group of distinguished marketing experts to share their real-life experiences in large-scale campaigns and creativity with practitioners, specialists, and marketing students.

In conclusion, Lhamim Marketing and Media, through its various initiatives, expressed its gratitude and appreciation for a visionary nation that contributes to the development of individuals and companies in various fields, particularly in the marketing and media sectors.