MEmob+ and MullenLowe Blu Kuwait forge strategic partnership
Posted on 2024 Feb,20

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MEmob+, the data analytics and technology solutions company, has entered a strategic partnership with MullenLowe Blu Kuwait, in the aim to reshape the marketing landscape in Kuwait and the wider GCC region.

This collaboration is set to bring forth unparalleled expertise in leveraging data for marketing success, marking a significant revolutionary shift, bringing cutting-edge data-driven solutions and innovative marketing strategies for regional brands.

"We are thrilled to partner with MEmob+ and bring their unparalleled location intelligence expertise to the Kuwaiti market," stated Sami Hanna, Managing Director of MullenLowe Blu Kuwait. "This collaboration represents a game-changer for brands seeking to reach and engage their target audiences with greater precision and effectiveness. By combining MEmob+'s data-driven insights with our creative prowess, we are confident in delivering unparalleled results for our clients."

MEmob+ offers a unique suite of location-based solutions that empower brands to understand consumer behavior, optimize marketing campaigns, and drive measurable results. This partnership will give MullenLowe Blu Kuwait clients access to:

  • Granular audience insights: MEmob+'s location intelligence platform provides precise insights into consumer demographics, interests, brand affinity, and behaviors down to the neighborhood level, empowering brands to activate hyper-targeted campaigns that resonate deeply with local audiences.
  • Data-driven campaign optimization: By leveraging MEmob+'s real-time footfall data and analytics, brands can optimize their marketing efforts across various channels, ensuring maximum reach and engagement at the right time and place.
  • Innovative marketing strategies: MEmob+ and MullenLowe Blu Kuwait will collaborate to develop creative and data-driven marketing strategies that leverage the power of location intelligence to unlock new growth opportunities for brands.

MEmob+ has already begun in Kuwait, partnering with industry leaders such as Al Shaya, uncovering valuable data that further solidified the company's position as a key player in the Kuwaiti market.

"We are excited to partner with MullenLowe Blu Kuwait, a leading force in the region's creative landscape," said Ihab El Yaman, Founder & CEO of MEmob+. "This strategic alliance aligns perfectly with our mission to empower brands with unique location intelligence and our commitment to data innovation, measurement, and creative excellence. Together, we will change how brands approach marketing in Kuwait and the GCC region, driving superior results and fostering deeper connections with their target audiences."