TikTok, the ideal addition to a marketer's Ramadan media mix, says study
Posted on 2023 Feb,07

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A meta-study commissioned by TikTok in the MENA region found that TikTok provides the highest incremental exposure to TV compared to other video platforms. According to research conducted by Kantar CrossMedia, a media mix of TV and TikTok will increase brand impact by 21%, compared to 11% for TV and other digital platforms.

This Ramadan, brands have the chance to take ownership of their narrative, share joy and participate with their communities, as these findings can help marketers maximize their use of advertising spend in the run-up to Ramadan – one of the biggest TV-first events in the Middle East. As the Holy Month continues to bring viewers back to linear television, TikTok can complement this by providing a place for people to share Ramadan moments via short-form video.

The Kantar CrossMedia study also found that TikTok's impact on exposure is particularly strong among light TV viewers; the platform achieved +14% incremental exposure to TV for this segment, compared to medium (+5.3%) and high TV viewers (+3.5%). Additionally, when comparing audiences who were exposed only to TV vs. TV and TikTok, the latter mix kept overall costs lower while creating a stronger impact.

The budget factor is especially important as media spending around Ramadan 2023 closely follows other festive events, including Black Friday and the football season. As a result, Ramadan media budgets may be challenged and diversified, calling for a cross-platform strategy that targets audiences effectively and efficiently.

Vipul Jain, Head of Measurement, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Eastern Europe - TikTok, said “Ramadan and television have traditionally been a match made in heaven, as families gather together around their living room TV screen to enjoy special, shared moments from dawn to dusk. And as more people take to TikTok to celebrate the spirit of the Holy Month, the platform is proving to be the ideal addition to a marketer's Ramadan media mix, as supported by the data from Kantar CrossMedia. By incorporating TikTok into their strategy this Ramadan, marketers can achieve stronger retention and inspire immediate action, both during the Holy Month and beyond, all while reducing costs.”

Moreover, the Global Web Index found that multi-screen consumption comprises 93% of viewers’ media consumption while watching TV, which further establishes the importance of integrating TikTok into the media mix this Ramadan, as users multi-screen while watching their favorite drama series, talk shows, cooking shows, sitcoms, and more.

As brands and businesses of all sizes look to engage with the community during the Holy Month, TikTok is well geared to embrace the multi-faceted nature of the moment through the endless possibilities in which it can be enjoyed.